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Comprehensive Corporate Handbook

The Handbook is a web-interfaced knowledge base in an editable Microsoft Word format that can be uploaded to company intranets. It makes a company's most important internal rules and information available in one place for every employee.

The Handbook is primarily recommended to rapidly growing midsized companies of 80 to 200 employees, in which internal communication needs to be upgraded and certain rules are missing while others are sporadically available and hard to find forcing the management to spend increasingly more time on answering questions that could be avoided by the use of a comprehensive information database.

The Handbook provides new employees (as well as old ones) with a comprehensive overview of the company's operation and makes them aware of the internal rules and information that concern them. Click here for the table of contents listing main chapters (JPG

Advantages of introducing the Handbook:

  • Internal communication significantly improves and becomes institutionalized to the necessary extent

  • Valuable elements of existing "unwritten laws" become written - thus fixed -norms, while less tenable elements are replaced by new written rules

  • A hitherto sporadic yet important internal knowledge base becomes permanent and ready for further development

  • Less administrative and operational burden on management, HR and financial staff

  • Internal operation becomes more predictable, increasing confidence in management

  • Fewer loopholes in the area of compensation and reimbursement

  • Improved coordination between internal operation and legal requirements

  • New employees are provided with key company values and information appear in a clear and retrievable format for new employees

  • By customizing the chapters based on market practices, companies can create a knowledge base that expresses their individual characteristics and special requirements

Possible disadvantages of introducing the Handbook:

Once the Handbook has been introduced, "direct control" will inevitably be replaced by written and published rules at certain areas, which some leaders might experience it as a loss of power, since with the appearance of new rules, their personal role in decision making will be reduced.

Therefore, we recommend the use of the Handbook to leaders who believe that cutting operational expenses and increasing transparency is more important than retaining personal decision making power and value trust and higher efficiency resulting from a more open communication process more than possessing information.




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