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Labor / HR Auditing

Our experience shows, that audits carried out by neutral outside professionals often offers a completely different view of existing processes, work organization and cost -effectiveness than the often idealized or corrected picture seen by own staff members. The reason for this is that for insiders, several ineffective processes and cumbersome administrative procedures have their "own story," which is often related to the lack of human resources ("poor Annie is responsible for that whole area"), the special value system of the company and the informal administration methods; or to the exact opposite, that is, a poor working relationship among staff members - in other words, the human factor. Both staff and management tend to understand and accept such "deficiencies" since they know their background. This is not the case for official inspectors or the owners' representatives. Consequently, internal employees or managers tend to accept that "in that particular situation there was no better solution." Relatively small companies do not have a separate internal audit section that evaluates processes without personally knowing the players and makes its judgment based solely on facts. Neither is it necessarily in the interest of an understaffed administrative unit to reveal and correct its own deficiencies as that would mean further tasks for its overworked staff. Because of the above, self correction and the detection of past mistakes are not typical to smaller organizations.

Therefore, it is recommended to carry out an outside control, especially following major changes in legislation.

The purpose of labor and HR audit is to prepare an organization for a possible official inspection and establish the most cost-effective methods within the organization's legal and operational framework.




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